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When Dee starts taking commissions again, these will be teh rules. But right now, please note...She is NOT taking commissions!

50% of your commission fee goes to the Charity of Our Choosing: - Habitat for Humanity - Heifer Project - TEAM Tait's Every Animal Matters Spay and Neuter Clinic - Humane Society of the United States -

or this non-Charity: The Democratic National Committee (Yep, I'm a Democrat! So, the next organization may not surprise you...)
And: The Human Rights Campaign (Yep, I loves the Gay Marriage! I'm also pro any-kind-of-marriage people want, really..providing everyone's a consenting human adult. More weddings = More great food. :) And my own Connecticut's Love Makes A Family.

Money, in the past, has totally messed with my "mojo", my muse, my artistic powers or whatever you call them. For some reason, when I was trying to do something "Selfish" like earn money through my art, which is a gift (curse?) from the cosmos, I felt all guilty and it messed with my head and commissions didn't get finished or come out well. (BTW - I'm insane! Very loving, but, full-on insane. It's a nice way to be most of the time, except when you're withdrawing from Effexor, which SUCKS. Otherwise, I highly recommend being insane.)

So, I had to find a way to make some dosh from my art without triggering my Catholic guilt for using this gift I have (curse...) to have pocket change. The solution? CAUSES! Charities. I love 'em!

Commission Dee, Support a Cause!
And, I give 50% of each commission to one of my current favorite charities/causes: Habitat for Huge Manatees..Oops...I mean Habitat for Humanity, The Heifer Project, or the Democratic Party or Human Rights Campaign or Love Makes a Family or (Or, PAWS of CT, or some other animal shelter or group or charity or non-profit...(see above) You get to choose which charity I give 50% of your commission to -- so if'n you're a Republican or something, you don't have to support the Democrats. Just choose another charity, and don't tell me why! If you hate all the causes I've got listed here, and the animal shelters, well...what the heck's wrong with you, you freak? Wait..I don't wanna know. When the Revolution comes, I will eat you with ketchup. I don't want'cha business, either. Go buy a burger and fatten up for me, babe.

Dee's Commission Policy

I'm still very busy, and because of this, I'm expensive when I do take a commission, and unfortunately, quite often I simply have to turn folks down. But, right now, I've got extra time, and I want extra money, so...Go for it! It could be the last time I ever take commissions...but probably not. :)


Subject Matter: I'll gladly draw dragons, humans, humanoids, furries, faeries, elves, dwarves, griffons, pegasus, unicorns or any combination, with or without backgrounds. Think of something, and I'll try to draw it for you. :) I'm pretty open. I can also do pet portraits, put real people into fantasy settings and fantasy garb, character portraits, anthro characters, etc. I'm not terrific at landscapes or cool designs, but I can try an idea if you've got it.

Rules for Commissions
Rule #1: No Pern®, dammit! (So stop asking know who you are! :) ) I'm prohibited legally from doing anything in this genre. In fact, I may refuse to do any work based on someone's books or any other kind of trademarked work. I almost got sued once, and the experience nearly killed me.

Rule #2: Nothing above an R rating. I don't do mature themes, really, and I only do tasteful nudity.

Rule #3: Style. I will not work outside of my personal style. I've had too many people come to me looking for 'Whelans on the Cheap'. I draw my way, and I hope you're requesting/buying my art to have something by me. I won't emulate any other styles and I will release you ('dump') as a client if you ask me to.

Rule #4: Revisions. I hate revisions. Usually my first instinct about a piece is what I'm most happy with. You get three go-rounds on revisions and that's it. If we can't get the piece right after three emails discussing the work, we're never gonna get it. I reserve the right to dump any client who I feel is asking too much for the price. I can't keep my pieces cheap if every other requestor is asking for too much. That's why I stopped taking commissions in the first place.

Rule #5: Dumping: I reserve the right to dump any client for any reason. In the case of a 'for money' commission, you will receive a refund of all but $10 or 25% of the total agreed upon final price.

Rule #6: Rights: I reserve all rights to any pieces I create, but if you ask me not to share the piece with the world as a freebie, I can usually accomodate you. I am not selling printing rights, copyright or any other rights to the piece with this agreement. I retain all the moneymaking rights -- UNLESS you buy 'em from me, for a whole lot more money. You get the piece, to use as we agree in our negotiations, but I still have the copyright.

Rule #7: Freebies: For work I do for free, I reserve the right to post the digital piece I create for you to my webpage and to grant open-use to all people on the internet of that piece. (You can buy the rights, though, if you don't want the piece all over the net.) Sorry folks! No freebies.

Rule #8: Pricing: I reserve the right to change my pricing at any time *before* we agree on a price. After we've agreed, the price is set, but so is the scope of the work! No wacky revisions of "Please add these 10 characters" at the same price. That's a dealbreaker and you will go on my list of people who deserve to get a spanking in the afterlife.

Rule #9: Deposit and Kill Fee: I require 50% of the total price up front. If after 3 revisions, we can't land on a final design, I keep 25% or $10 (whichever is greater) of the the total fee and return the rest to you. This way, I at least get something for my time.

Pricing GUIDELINES -- Haggle folks! These are just a rough idea.
I can send you a sample sketch of what I'd like to draw for you. This is not counted into the revisions process, but I will not mail sketches without a $10 fee up front.

Special: Po' Folk, Students, Etc: If you just want a nicely finished B&W sketch from me, via this special, you can get one!

If you just want a digital -- not the original, then they're only $10. You pay me $10, and I send you a digital sketch. Voila! You want revisions, then the price goes up, though.

If you want the original on paper, signed: 8"x10" paper. They're only $10, plus $4.00 shipping and handling. I do 'em on nice paper (no grease or coffee stains! Unless you want 'em.) I sign 'em and mail them to you. I can do my more usual black and white line art style, or something pencilly and sketchy, or whatever. Please note, there are NO revisions allowed on the $10 special. You pay me via PayPal, and then I mail it to you.

What will $40 get me?

Hardcopy "Real" Items (Signed Originals): A detailed black and white pencil or pen and ink sketch on high quality paper (linen resume type) with revisions. If we get the piece right on the first go-round, I will throw in pencil color or watercolor wash but you'd have to hit me JUST right at that price.

Digital Small Color Piece: 800x600, full color, 72dpi.

What will $50-$200 get me?

Digital pieces at 72 dpi to a max. size of 8.5"x11" (A4) with exclusive rights. I will not post these pieces to to share with the world. I may, however, choose to make and sell prints. If you allow me to share the digital with the rest of the world (put it on my website under open license) I will give you a discount on the piece.

Hardcopy Art: an 8"x11" original on high quality paper in pen and ink with a watercolor wash, pencil coloring. Price depends on subject matter and degree of difficulty.

What Will $150-$500 get me?

Digital pieces at 300 dpi from 5"x5" to 8.5"x11" with print(s). These pieces will probably be sold in my printshop, but you will receive a 8.5"x11" print and a 11x17" poster print from CafePress, as well as a copy of the digital picture data file. If you allow me to share the digital with the rest of the world at 72 dpi (put it on my website under open license that applies to the rest of my work) I will give you a discount on the piece.

If you want your hardcopy print signed, all you have to do is pay the extra shipping to get the print from me to you.

Hardcopy Art: if you want an original, this would get you a large format 11"x17" up to 18"x22" pen and ink with watercolor wash on quality paper, or a detailed pencil drawing, or a chicken sculpted out of butter. These pieces will be the original, signed by me.

$300-$600: Acrylic, Pen and Ink with Watercolor Wash, Watercolor "Real Hardcopy Art" Signed Original.

8"x11" to 18"x22" approx or larger. Depends on the canvas I have available at the time, or canvasboard. You get the original. I reserve all other rights.

Or, a one of a kind handmade sculpture or something. Did I mention I can sculpt a chicken out of butter?

If you need something in a larger size, we can negotiate the price. Get creative - haggle - see what you can con me into. :)

So, after all this, you STILL want this ol' stickler poopiedootie to draw for you?

Email Dee with COMMISSION REQUEST in the subject.

If I don't answer my email, don't worry -- just email again. If I've become booked, I'll reply. If I don't reply, it could mean that my spamfilter's gone on a rampage again. You can also email and see if that gets to me. Damned spammers. I will eat them when the Revolution comes. MUAHAHAH!

-Dee (

All art and text (c) 1996-2008 Dee Dreslough unless otherwise noted.
Please read and understand my Terms of Use for the artwork.