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Egg Mini Tutorial

A lot of people need to be able to draw or make eggs for adoption agencies. Well, luckily eggs are a lot easier than dragons!

You can render beautiful eggs photorealisticly with a system called POVray, which is a free program. (

A POV-Ray Egg on Sand

As for drawing them..what I usually do is make a black and white shadowed egg and then use Photoshop colorizing tricks to add speckles and colors. When I did my eggs, I got lazy. I just used the 'draw oval' tool in Photoshop and then colored it. I'll do a better set later on.

The hardest part, really, is getting a true Egg shape.
You can use actual pictures of eggs for this: (the pictures in this gallery are in the public domain, so you can use them for egg shapes with no problem. Just give the photo credit to the person who took the photo...Check their rules of use.) <- tern eggs (not a great photo but a decent egg shape you can scale up.) <- Much better... <- a little more 'setting'
Or, take out your dozen eggs from the fridge and digiphotograph them if you can. From there, just use your paint program to colorize them. :)


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