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Art from Conjuration

I did a lot of little sketches for the Conjuration 2002 (which seems to have become Konniption...?) program book that Scott H., the publications director turned into an amazing program book. The theme of the book was that of a Dragon hunter -- someone in the modern day searching for dragons in remote parts of Earth. Well, although my sketches don't capture the beauty of the whole book, I figure folks will enjoy them, and may also find them useful. Enjoy!

As always, feel free to use this art however you need in for-profit or non-profit websites, enterprises, etc. I love ya, baby!

Scott had a huge rubber stamp made, and embossed the cover of each of the 200-300 program books with Copper, Gold and other metallic colors on a dark gemtone background. Magnificient!  
The back spines in more detail, and a nice side view of a dragon head.  
A dragon breathing fire, a 3/4 view head, and a tiny 'Dingbat' dragon that wrapped around the page numbers in the program. :)  
Dragon pawprints and a foreward view of a dragon.  
Different types of dragon faces...from heavily armored to light and finned.  
A dragon running along the ground. I'd like to try to animate this sometime.  
Open wing from side...Four wing-fingers.  
Upper view of wingspan.  
A wing diagram with an elbow-spar.  
The Dragon Hunter in the program book, uh...found a dragon. "The End"  




All art and text (c) 1996-2008 Dee Dreslough unless otherwise noted.
Please read and understand my Terms of Use for the artwork.