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(Pictures are shown at the end of each page) The basic form of a dragon head is circular. Start by drawing the large circle in the middle of this picture. It doesn't have to be perfectly round - in fact, when you consider how large a dragon's brain must be, it's probably more oval, like an egg on its side.

Next, figure out where you'd like the end of the muzzle to be. This is a rather long-snouted fellow. Draw a circle there, and connect the circle to the main circle of the head by two lines. The top of the muzzle should connect with the head about 2/3 of the way up the side of the head. The bottom of the top half of the muzzle should connect almost at the bottom.

In this case, we're drawing an open jawed dragon, so draw another small oval below the muzzle. In this case, the lower jaw is almost a little long, but sometimes I like to draw my dragons with a bit of an underbite- where the lower lip juts out past the upper snout a little bit. Makes 'em look a bit like pitbulls.

Finally, you can draw two curved lines from the head to create a neck. Now, a dragon's head is heavy, so a lot of muscle connections need to run from the head to the neck. For this reason, I draw the neck connecting to the main head circle at almost the top and bottom of the circle. This way, you create a nice thick strong neck to hold up a proud, fierce dragon head.

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