Dimar Goes Hollywood

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These are AVI movies I was able to make with MetaTools Fractal Painter. You can now see how I draw...the 2 meg one (RedGoldDimar) uses the techniques of making circles, and then filling in with color. The second movie (1 meg) is more of just a fun freehand doodle I was doing. You probably won't learn much from the second one, but it's neat to watch.

To run them, download them to your computer and double click on them. All Windows 95 machines should be able to run AVI files automatically. If not, email me and I'll compress it to another format. (Remember, no flames in email, please.)

If you have a media player installed in your Internet Explorer or Netscape program, you may be able to play these movies right from the website...

( 2 Megs) Red Gold Dimar AVI - Watch me draw a Dimar head! (This video shows the creation of the picture shown below)

(1 Meg) Fun Dimar AVI - Just a doodle.

New! (Thanks, Agnathian, for this idea!)

The Script to Red Gold Dimar (SSD File) - If you have MetaTools Fractal Painter 4.0 or 5.0, you can play back the script and see exactly what tools and settings I use to create the picture! it's been renamed to .ZIP too because of the download problem, so just rename it to Redgoldscript.SSD and it will run.