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The Smudge Tutorial

[Page1 - Intro ][ Page2 - Lay down Color][ Page3 - Smudge ][ Page4 - More Color ][ Page5 - Cleanup ]
[ Speckle Scale Effect: page 6 ]
[ Classic Scales: Page 7 and Page 8 ]
[ Color Change - go from red to blue, add spots: Page 9 ]

This tutorial covers how Dee uses Smudge in Photoshop (and airbrush, and paintbrush) to get that crazy scale thing going. Eventually, Dee will do a version of this for Jasc Paintshop Pro and GIMP, but for now, this is the Photoshop one. Enjoy! :)

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to go from this blank dragon head sillouette:

To this:

with a few strange pitstops in between.


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