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Welcome to the sCrapHeap!

My real Latest stuff is the Princesses section so I've renamed this area the ScrapHeap. Or, Crapheap. Whichever. But, enjoy! :)

Just some Black and White doodles. Nuthin' Earth Shatterin. :)

click each picture to see a larger version or a different webpage for each item.  some of these are shown small but if you right-click save 'em to your desktop they'll be larger when you work with them.  I didn't link to their full sized versions because in these cases, they had little detail to really focus on.  

seadragon-cleanedup running dimar small

angry dimar clubhouse pic small
egg hatchedegg egg hatching
dragon cherub sign dragon
pointer dragon cute dragon from back cute side dragon
sitting up cute dragon sleeping cute dragon flying cute dragon
flaming cute dragon all the art
dancing arrallakeeni furry boy study
furry doodles I did tiger female headshot morrak
sad dragon sitting sky dancing dragon  

Hello World! I'm on Red Hat now, baby, and I likes it!  WinterLord
Doodle Scans - As I clean my house, I'm running into some great stuff and scanning it. I haven't cleaned it up at all yet, but you can if you want to use it. As usual, the usual Dee rules (or lack thereof) apply. :)

Those Gem Arrows I made ages ago somehow got lost in the shuffle between web updates. Here's a page with them for those of you who need them.

My new Sculpture Projects page!

These are Zir (left) and Ame (right), two characters created by my friend Lisa! :)

Adult Coloring Pages -- I've been doing some temp work at an Adult Day Center, and they needed stuff to color. So, I whipped off this...(and then spent an hour at home cleaning it up on the computer. :) ) Enjoy!

Hey - in the 'Yay Me!' department... This Unicorn was used in Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Friday, Sept. 29th!

Black Wolf. (Click for much larger version) This is a doodle I did tonight.

Some Conjuration artwork that I feel like showin' off. ;)

"Don'tcha Just Wish?" This was about 90% done in Gimp for Windows - an impressive and free art program.

What the people wants, the people gets. :) 46% wanted some kind of detailed dragon pic. Well, this is technically a Dimarene, but's big. It's detailed. It's a dragony-thang. I did this with Photoshop, but finished it off with Gimp-Win, btw! There are a few mistakes I need to fix with it...that right foreleg is too short and impossible. And, I'd like to add details to the coat.

Gem-Eared Dimarene with Eggs

Moondance - this started as a doodle on black, but I think it'll make a nice T-shirt or something when it's done. I need to add stars, and hints of colors, like purples and blues.

- A few new icons

A Phoenix! :) No, it is not a flaming chicken.

---End of really New stuff---

totally sold, yo!

New - Atlantis Dragon Designs (Huge page. Slow load.)


Lily Dragon - Pastel on Pastel Paper

I'm doing an online art group: Raiders of the Lost Art, which has a monthly project. Last month's project was this amazing photo of water lillies. I did it...but I couldn't resist adding a Dimarene to the picture! Pastels are turning out to be amazingly fun.

This is a study of a fighting Dimar. He's basically practicing the equivalent of a kata in Karate.

Just a baby Dimar. Been working on a dimar adoption agency as well. This is the young stage - just before teen, but after hatching.

This is a new character sketch for my characters on Xaenmush. Gren, in the background there, turned out to be a lot more...well, of a character than I'd expected when I first drew her. :) Poor Kirra!

And another portrait for my good friend Taemar (he's the dragon, actually :) )

Taemar and Temasek

Just another B&W Doodle:

I like this one because it feels very different from my latest drawings. It's very focused and tight, and the legs are bulkier and more heavily muscled than I usually draw. I might try to paint it in at some point. Basically, it's a Dimar in full summer scaling (gee...they look an awful lot like Earth dragons when they're all scaled... ;) ) and a woman in one kind of saddle on his back. My only complaint about this pic is that the Dimar's neck feels a little short, but hey -- the species has a lot of variation so it's plausible.



All art and text (c) 1996-2001 Dee Dreslough unless otherwise noted.
Please read and understand my Terms of Use for the artwork.

All art and text (c) 1996-2008 Dee Dreslough unless otherwise noted.
Please read and understand my Terms of Use for the artwork.