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Links, Links, Links!

Links are now organized by topic. (Updated Oct 1, 2012)


DragonFan Sites, Free Art Sites, Other Artists and Art Resources, Writers and Writing Resources, Adoption Agencies, Web Hosting Services

Dragon Fan Sites

[] - Fantastic resource site for information on dragons. Thank you to the people of Laramie Public Library for pointing me to this. :)

[] - Here Be Dragons. You want dragons - they got dragons!!! LOTS OF GREAT STUFF HERE - graphics, stories, info, links.[ ] - a cool site with lots of dragon info!

[ Lydian's Dragons, Dragons Everywhere! ] - Great page with lots of info and links.
[ Shadow Lurker's lair ] - pegasi, dragons, gryphons, and more.
[ Dragon's Byte ]- a cool page with lots of dragons.
[ Danegar's Dragon Page ] - Links to games, a dragon site and more.

Free Artwork Sites

[ Celine's Original .Gifs ] - Need art? Check Celine's. All free, all public domain.
[ Gem Bluestone's Webpage ] - Stories and free graphics!

Morion's Homepage - As well as Morion Designs Wonderful backgrounds and web themes!


Other Artists and Art Resources

[ Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art ] - Has not only great art, but also tips on making your own website better.

[ Karena Kliefoth's DragonSmirk ] Excellent furry and dragon art, animationsand a great list of web links.

[ Chiseled Rocks ] More Eugene Arenhaus art, and prints for sale.
[Elfwood Art Gallery ] - Features the works of hundreds of great amateur artists.

Writers and Writing Groups

[Uncharted Territory: Novella] - A Dimar-related novelette by Leighton Gelling


WebHosting and Web Page Resources (Not Art)

[ Tripod ] Need a great place to host your web page? Has a bit too many ads now though.
Google Sites is very good.


[Jewelle's *The Last Unicorn* WebSite & Mailing List ]

[] - A beloved site that still thrives in a smaller form. Very funny.

[Webs By Rick] - Just a nice guy who designs web pages for a living. :)

All art and text (c) 1996-2008 Dee Dreslough unless otherwise noted.
Please read and understand my Terms of Use for the artwork.