Dimar: Lost Waters
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Lost Waters - Chapter 20

      "You can't be serious!" Cries went up from all sides, human, Arrallin and Telkan as Tara outlined her plan. Her new psi senses were proving a mixed blessing, preventing her from simply ignoring the loud mental and vocal protests from the Telkans as she normally would have.
      "Look. We've been over this. We can't beat them straight out. We need to get in there and surgically cut them down, starting at the top. And, if we don't get the Great Mother back before Mulkol takes control of Telka, we lose the Telkans. It will be humans and Arrallins only." Tara wondered if she'd know when the Patriarch of Mulkol had taken the position of Leader at Telka. The ritual would somehow link his mind to each Telkan, and although it did not grant control, he might have access to any of the plans they'd seen so far. "We have to act fast, and the number of Telkans filing into Mulkol through the slave trains is beginning to dwindle. There is no time for debate." She paused, sensing the despair in Telkans. Many of them would not return from this mission. She surveyed the faces of the humans there. A few seemed nervous, but most just had a look of angry determination.
      Terrimin stepped forward. "General Ir'tarku Tara is correct. Our forces will support her. Her plan is sound." The Arrallakeeni growled a low note of support. "We'll have support from the Pride, which will engage the majority of Mulkol's defenses, if not destroy them. We need to assassinate their Leader. It will cripple them, leaving us time to liberate what Telkans there are left to save."
      One of the human men stepped forward. "The plan's great. It's climbing into one of those Dimar kangaroo pouches that I just can't stomach. Fighting I'll do. But in no way am I riding around inside one of THEM." Tara recognized him. He was part of the separatist group that had been scouting the southern coast for a human-only settlement. Tara wasn't sure how to deal with him, but, considering his background in humiliating others, she tried a dose of his own medicine.
      "What? Afraid to do what every baby Dimar on the planet does for three cycles? What a brave fighting man you are." She dismissed him with a laugh. "Okay, then, you get to spend the next week as a guest of Ekal until operation Trojan Dragon is over." Harmon nodded to two Ekal honor guard, who scooped up the protesting man and spirited him up into the higher levels of the Barryd.
      The humans looked stunned.
      "Every person who does not wish to be part of this mission will be detained here, in luxury, I might add, until the mission is over. Then, you'll be released to try to start a colony in the shadow of the Mulkol. I wish you luck. You may be the only ones that survive." Tara stared into the eyes of each human there. Most were Telkan-sympathetic, and had a look of resolve. A few in the back quietly slipped out. Harmon was careful to dispatch an Ekal guard to transport each one.
      "Luuko? The envelope, please." Tara turned and regarded her big blue-green friend. She wasn't looking forward to this. "A good general doesn't ask her soldiers to do anything she herself isn't willing to do", she muttered as Luuko dipped a shoulder to her. "Tell me if the rifle or any of the gear is uncomfortable, okay?"
      "Will do, Leader Tara." Luuko's voice didn't hide the discomfort he was trying to mask from other psis in the room. Tara chuckled. There was definitely something to being a 'closet psi'. Gritting her teeth, she slowly slid herself into the pouch, hunkering down in the silky white fur. She had expected it to be slimy, but it was actually quite comfortable inside the pouch.
      Outside, she could hear the chatter of the Dimar as other humans followed suit and climbed inside the various pouches.
      She could feel the muscles ripple along Luuko's back as he strode and lifted into the air. They were off.
      Through her tiny peep-hole in the deep downy fur, Tara could make out some of what was going on. Her psi-talent gave her the additional edge she needed to assess Luuko's work as leader pro-tem as they made their entrance.
      Luuko guided the group along the fire lines toward the southern entrance to the Mulkol complex. The distant sound of fighting as the Arrallins engaged the main defenses showed little effect on the activities of the Mulkol here from what Tara could see from her perch. Finding a slave train into Mulkol wasn't difficult. The Mulkol were eager to have servants after so many cycles of fending for themselves. Luuko ordered the group back, telling them to roll in the mud before proceeding. Their recent healing marks would give them away.
      Tara hugged her weapons tightly inside the pouch as Luuko rolled in the mud. An accident now for either of them could spell the end of the operation. She cursed inwardly, regretting pairing herself and Luuko together. All her eggs were in one basket, or pouch, and if Luuko fell now, so would she. They had to somehow reach the leader. She could hear Luuko's thoughts churning away as he worked on the problem.
      Heads down, and thoroughly muddied, their group of seven shuffled along the muddy field. Some faked injured wings, and others exhaustion. Luuko took up a faltering flight, falling and flapping to regain position in the air. They joined the end of the train and blended in. The two Telkans ahead of them turned back, and Tara could feel their defiance as Luuko and they had a heavily shielded exchange. There was still plenty of fight in the Telkans, even the slaves, after all.
      One of the Mulkol enslavers swept down over the line, barking insults and commands. Tara could only hear the muffled guttural sounds and see the flash of brown-gray wings through her tiny view slit. She felt a spike of fear in Luuko as the enslaver paused near him. Tara, trying to be as still as possible, slid her rifle up to the opening. They were almost inside Mulkol, and she didn't' want to risk detection until she was within striking distance of at least their top generals. A piercing mental search passed over Tara, and she blocked, summoning all her energy into Harmon's blocking technique.
      Her cradling pouch contracted as the enslaver struck Luuko across the head. She felt Luuko's shoulders droop, and felt his despair wash through every thought. Careful not to give herself away as a psi, she tried to emanate positive thoughts.
      The enslaver grabbed Luuko by the horns, forcing him to the ground in a hard dive, driving his nose into the mud and holding it down with a hind foot. Tara struggled to keep from clambering out of the pouch and dispatching the brute right there. In a roaring laugh, he announced to his 'mates, This one...this one here is the bloodkin son of the Great Mother! He's come to save his mahmar! Isn't that precious! The gray Mulkol wrenched Luuko's head up and struck him again so he fell on his back. Inside the constricting pouch and under the weight of her gear and Luuko, Tara struggled to breath under the pressure.
      Well, little hatchling...you'll get to watch her die. The Great Father is still planning on how to dispose of her. Perhaps the acid pools would suit her well. She could follow in the steps of your beloved Telkai. But that was a torture from so long ago! We've improved that technology since then. You'll appreciate our new designs, I'm sure. He wrenched Luuko up by one horn again, dragging the much smaller Dimar along behind him like a rag-doll.
      Tara stifled her fury as she felt Luuko's pain and humiliation. The Great Mother really was his own mother, and he was frantic to see her one last time before she was lost, but not like this. Tara felt his spirit wane as he resigned himself to his fate. She half whispered-half thought, "Luuko...this is not how it will end. By my name, and my honor, Telka will live again."

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