Dimar: Lost Waters
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Lost Waters - Chapter 33

     Luuko barely noticed Olitar as she left the formation. The seed was so eager to grow, it took all his concentration to keep it from sprouting right there in the air. He kept coaxing it to focus on flying, but it was like trying to argue with a newly hatched child. It didn't communicate in words, but what it wanted was clear.
     Down Down Down Down
     Up Up Up Up
, Luuko would answer, keeping rhythm.
     Down Food Down Food
     Up Up Up Up
Luuko would answer in the traditional songs.
     He grunted, swearing he'd never have any part in shelling children. He just didn't have the temperament for it.
He could see the landing site below, and thankfully, when Olitar returned, the Wind had picked up considerably. The giant pod drifted down on a strong course toward the rich soil in the clearing. It would take hours to completely bury the pod, allowing it to root, and after the long flight on a still tender wing, Luuko wondered how they'd manage.
     Just over the site, Luuko changed his tune. The pod was ecstatic, leaving Luuko with a warm feeling inside.
     Down Down Down Down Down
     Yes. Down. Slowly Down. Food Down. Slowly Down he answered. Its relief and his were mingled. He wasn't sure who was happier.
     Tawny yellow light flooded the clearing. It was fully morning now. He couldn't hear Olitar or the others, but he could feel they were there helping him. He was in a kind of guide-stupor, so close to the energetic pod.
     It hit the ground in the south part of the clearing, bouncing lightly as it released the sail. Crackling sparks emanated from it, as tender white shoots burst forth from the pod's underside, greedily churning the soil. Luuko scratched at his sides with his hindlegs. They itched terribly, probably from the water treatment's final work.
He dug around the landing spot, instinctively knowing how to avoid the ropy white shoots that the pod was putting down. Kicking up soil to cover the pod, he felt more rested and happy than he had the whole trip. It was finally happening! This pod, my pod, my barryd, is finally safe in the ground.
     Happy. The pod answered. Or had he said it? Luuko wasn't sure.
     He felt the cold soil with a paw, wondering how the tiny pod would fare putting down this many roots so close to the freezing season. He'd be sure to cover it well, perhaps even grow a shelter seedling around it so it wouldn't be totally dormant during the cold season. They would be fine.
     With the pod thoroughly coated with a hand's depth of soil, Luuko sat back on his dirt-encrusted haunches to survey his work and scan his new home.
     The first face, and she was beaming from scaly ear to scaly ear, he saw as he became aware of his surroundings, was Olitar. She trilled a high approving tune.
     Behind him, he could see Mason, Malik, Genar, Torula, Sebam, and the others in the guiding party. They were all excitedly talking between each other but they stopped and just trilled when he looked their way.
As the wind picked up, his eyes focused on something else quite amazing. Hanging from every tree where silks of various barryds. He padded toward one tree and sniffed experimentally. It emanated an unfamiliar scent. Olitar pointed toward the pod, but didn't approach it. He felt something bumping his pod! It registered as a tickle on his hindquarters, causing him to kick out his hindfoot.
     He galloped back to the pod, inspecting it's exterior. Silently, he crept along the base of the mound, stalking whatever it was that was thumping against the other side. Defensive rage welled inside of him.
     "How dare you touch the growing barryd! It needs to root undisturbed." He had never felt this way about anything. Rounding the edge of the mound, he leapt forward, roaring, landing on all fours to face the invader.
Tara glared at him, arms crossed. "You might be the new Leader for this Barryd, bub, but I'm the headmaster. This is my seed too, and you darn well better welcome me in." She poked him in the nose, but couldn't keep up the angry bit for long.
     "TARA! You're alive!" Joyously, he scooped her up in his muddy arms, spinning around on his tail.
     "Uck!" was all Tara could manage. "Hey, dont get me all dirty. I've brought guests." She nodded over her shoulder.
Luuko dropped to his hindlegs, and eyed those assembled.
     He blinked, and gently set her down in the soil. A conglomeration of Leaders like he had never seen were arranged, silkless, around the seed. V's of Dimar, marked with different silks, streamed in from all directions bearing packages of gear, food, structures and all manner of supplies he had expected to go without.
     "Thank you!" Luuko bowed to the large white Dimar he only knew from rumors and history lessons. It was Elakolul, one of the wisest and strongest of the farming Barryd leaders.
     "We are here to help you, E?" The white one tilted his head curiously. "What is your designation for this city?"
     Luuko looked at Tara, and back at Olitar, who only shrugged. They'd been so busy planning, they had no time for a name. Mahrmar. Everyone has forgotten her, but I have not. Her ways are part of this Barryd now. Luuko whuffled wistfully. His mother's true name had been Sida. Sida had been a talented and fiery dancer and Tinar fighter in her youth. She'd passed her skills to him, showing him secrets of the Wind. Sida taught him the wonders of the Barryds and the Plan. She had prepared him well for this day, even if she never could have predicted it.
     "Esida." Luuko sat up proudly. Tara nodded her approval, and patted him on a muddy shoulder. She tied the mudstained blanket of winestained green and white that had been her wrap to one of his horns as an impromptu silk, and stood back to admire him.
     "Leader Esida, of Barryd Esida. Please welcome your new charges." Elakolul motioned to the guide group.
     Luuko tilted his head curiously as they came forward, and fell to all fours as the realization hit him. I am Leader! I have to accept Olitar, Mason, and the others into the Barryd, or they'll be homeless. Freia and Karti have already released them from Mulkol and Telka to take residence with him! I am Esida first, the founding resident of the new Barryd. He stared down at his muddy paws in disbelief. This was more than he'd hoped for even in his wildest dreams!
     Olitar came forward, lowering her scaled head down to his forepaws. Gently, he touched the base of his chin to her forehead, chiming the traditional song to join her to the pod. He closed his eyes as her essence mingled with the pod, and him. When he opened his eyes she glowed with a blue light. Luuko's hatred for the Mulkol melted away as she became part of the Barryd. She was like Tara resourceful, understanding, loving, altruistic. At the same time, she was fierce, competitive, proud. A powerful contradiction, but dedicated to her purpose.
     One by one, the guide party mingled with the pod, welcomed by Luuko through the same ceremonious greeting, incorporating their skills, views and preferences into his own understanding.
     Finally, he came to Tara. Welcome Lady Tara! Child but not a Child you are. Come to me. He chimed out the traditional bonding call.
     But she declined, "I am a member of Esida Barryd, and it will know me over time. You know me well enough by now, Luuko." He could feel her relief at being free from a constant influx of Barryd feedback free to be just a human again, and he nodded agreement.
     Leaders, working in the mud like muck-room conscripts, assembled shelters and prepared food, dancing and singing long into the night. Reeling from the confusion and labor of his day, all Luuko could do was lie across the Pod mound and hum, watching his new home appear around him.
     Happy. He thought, imagining the years to come. There was no more pod voice. It was only his. He was Esida, and his people would guard Dimar.

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