Dimar: Lost Waters
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Clay Dreslough, Ian Smith, David 'Tae' Baxter, Eugene Arenhaus and Paul aka 'Draco'. :)

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Lost Waters IntroductionLuuko from the novel

Hi! Dee here...Here's the novel I wrote. I made it public domain so that you can feel free to be inspired by it however you like. You can draw pictures based on it - heck, you can even go and print and sell it! (Just be sure to mention I wrote it, eh? I wouldn't mind getting paid for novel number 2.)

The book's rough, I know. Dozens upon DOZENS of rejections from publishing agents have told me this - you don't need to tell me again. :-) And, the concepts in it are hardly new ground for science fiction.

I love this world and it's characters, and I draw them. Incessantly. So, if you want to understand my art, it will help you to struggle through writing. And, I'd like to share this playground I live in with you!

What the heck brought on this massive collection of words?

Dimar is a place where I can just let my imagination and problem solving ability run wild. I find myself thinking 'Wouldn't it be cool if there was a world that had...', and then I create a rationale for it to exist. And it gets incorporated into Dimar. So, this site will also be a repository of fun ideas or short stories I've created and added to Dimar, as well as the home of the first full length novel, and most likely others.

If you can think of it, it probably has a way of happening on Dimar. It's more of a fantasy than sci-fi, really, but I like engines and ships and medical, and the unexplained nature of magic has never sat well with me. So, I tried to emulate effects of magic that I liked with crude scientific explanations. And, I wanted to create a way for the creatures of my dreams to become 'real'. I have a friend who's a geneticist who's talked of how eventually, in our distant future, we'll tinker with genetic code to get what we want. I like this idea, but I'm not crazy about the slap-dash way humans have of creating things. So I thought - "Hey...why not just create a race that could engineer anything I wanted and do it with the discipline and knowledge to do it right? And, since they've got to be really smart and really cool, they've got to look like my favorite fantasy creature (dragons)!" The Dimar were born, and my novel long adventure in wish fufillment began. :-)

There are reasons why Dimar look like our historical dragons - it's not just a coincidence, and this will be covered in short stories to come. You can probably guess where our legends come from... Again, I'm sure my little fantasies are hardly new ground, but it helps me flesh out the world.

I like to Share

(As if my art copying policy doesn't make this obvious.)

I welcome you, if you like this world, to write your own stories and draw your own pictures of Dimar and share them with me and others. I would eventually like to found a MUSH or some kind of interactive game on this world. And please, realize that this book is only the very first, at the very start of the history of Dimar/human contact. I will outline in rough form what evolves on the planet over time - the possibilities are ENDLESS! If you have something you'd like to see happen on Dimar, but aren't sure how it would come about, drop me a line and I bet together, we can figure a way for it to happen in one of the corners of this very very big world.

I will continue to create my own evolution of Dimar, and you are welcome to create an entirely different alternate Dimar if you want! Take the world in any direction you want. I just want to have like minds to share with, in this new virtual wonderland.

I write for me. I share because I am proud of what I've done, and I'd like to meet people and share my dreams with them. In turn, I hope they share their dreams with me, and I can help them 'grow' their worlds, through my art, through my stories, and through my support. Perhaps we can build a world together. I'll give you unlimited virtual space if you'll do me the same favor.


(dee@dreslough.com) -I welcome positive, upbeat, friendly emails from anyone, but I ask that anyone who feels the need to criticize me, the project or whatever, please contact my husband. Please, do not mail criticisms (even well meaning constructive ones), flames or hatemail to my address! Send them to this one: (my husband), who will screen the letters that will upset me, and forward or paraphrase the ones he feels I need to see. I'm pretty oversensitive, and I often take things the wrong way. He can cushion the blow and make sure I hear what you have to say, instead of getting distracted by how you choose to say it.

The Tomb of the Unknown Editor: Thank you for all those pages of GREAT edits. I suck for losing your email. <:|   Dimar: Lost Waters is a public domain work of modern science fiction by Dee Dreslough. Please feel free to be inspired by it, draw pictures, write stories based on it, even republish the work as a whole...it belongs to everyone! www.Dimar.org