Dimar: Lost Waters
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Clay Dreslough, Ian Smith, David 'Tae' Baxter, Eugene Arenhaus and Paul aka 'Draco'. :)

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Dimar terms
Arrallin terms




Table of Contents
Lost Waters
a novel by Dee Dreslough

Written from 1994 to 2002. This Novel is Public Domain! Enjoy!

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i. Introduction (please read)

ii. Prolog


Dimar terms, Arrallin terms

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The Tomb of the Unknown Editor: Thank you for all those pages of GREAT edits. I suck for losing your email. <:|   Dimar: Lost Waters is a public domain work of modern science fiction by Dee Dreslough. Please feel free to be inspired by it, draw pictures, write stories based on it, even republish the work as a whole...it belongs to everyone! www.Dimar.org