Masterpiece in a Week - DAY 0 - Before the Challenge

No progress. This puppy's been on my board, in my living room, no less, for about 3 months. It's a nice layout..I'm just so scared I'll ruin it by trying to paint more. Stupid..I know. It depicts two Mul Dimar (War breed) from my novel who are on dawn patrol of Mulkol Barryd (Barryds are Dimarian living cities). The comet in the sky is actually a ship crash landing in a neighborhing territory - a ship from Earth. And that's pretty close to where the story begins.

Want to read the book? It's not fantastic, and I've made it public domain because I'm more into world building and world sharing than necessarily doing this kind of stuff as a full time job. But, if you do want to see, the book's at:

See Day 1's progress! Click here...What a difference a day makes... :)