MIAW - Day 1 - Progress Has Occurred, bigtime

Okay..I cheated. I went at the painting one day last week before the official BIAW challenge started because I *knew* my Sunday was going to be taken up with personal stuff. My inlaws constantly try to whisk my husband (and therefore me) off to their vacation home on a regular basis. Luckily, they're great folks, and they have an adorable puppy and a kitten (one of my rescue-cats!), so I always have a good time. They just want us to stay forever, and they're very persuasive...

Okay..so, in that sitting, I tacked the most interesting (and scarey) items in the painting, the Dimar (Dragon like species). But they were the subjects in the picture I know best. I'm not doing this painting from any models..just one sketch, which I don't even still have, so I'm now 'Ray Tracing' the light on the forms in my head. (Okay..Shameless bragging there... ;) ) Still the piece is very very far from done. These Dimar are not done yet, by a longshot. I'm just getting warmed up. There's a lot of cleanup, refinement and then a finishing touch - airbrushing. All, hopefully, to come this week during the rest of the MIAW.

MIAW - Day 2...Next! And wow..I'm getting juiced about this painting!