MIAW - Day 2 - Background Information Added

Today, the painting cried out for more detail on the background and the barryd. So, I obliged. At first, I was painting like I had a paintbrush stuck up my shirt...very stiff. Tiny strokes. Just couldn't find the groove. And then - bing! I snatched a big brush, made a big dark mess and channeled my 'Bob Ross/Bill Alexander' painting muse and completely let loose. By the end of the session, I was back under control, but that little bit of 'Mighty Mountains and Happy Little Trees' really did the trick for breaking the artist's block.

Had cookies for lunch, with milk. Then naptime. Then a long hot bath. Then DH bought Chinese for dinner. Ah...it's like being in Kindergarten again. I love it!

The painting is still very far from done. The shadow side of the barryd needs hints of stained glass and light - it is, after all, a kind of living city, full of these Dimar creatures. And, there's the rest of the background, finish work on the Dimar themselves, then airbrushing to bring it all together. Still, a very good day's work.

MIAW - Day 3...Hoooooo! Party! I got a LOT done.