Masterpiece In A Week - Day 3 - Wooo Boy! I GUAR-AN-TEE it.

Today was a full 4 hour sit. The only reason I stopped painting was because my paint dried right on the plate, and that was even with using the drying-retardant stuff. I blasted Loreena McKennit to block out the annoying sounds of the landscapers who have their office/garage right next to my house. The non-closeup doesn't show very well the progress I've made because it's all been fine detail and cleanup. But, that work makes a huge difference when you see the painting at a show. And, it makes a difference when it's photographed in high resolution to be printed.

I am very, very close to airbrush stage..which means I'm very close to done! What's left: Dimar at this time of year has many serious fires: Imagine California+Florida this year= Dimar in summer. :) But, the Barryds defend themselves well, so they're always fairly green unless something goes seriously wrong (like a war). So, I'll have fires off in the distance, as Mulkoli warriors aren't the best firefighters. At the time the ship crashed, the fire season hadn't really kicked into it's peak anyway, so it didn't start a wild fire, so it's fair for me not to have too many fires in this pic either. Which is good..I like the green/blue feeling. I may decorate around those colors. This pic is a gift to my hubby, Clay and is going in our new bedroom. We're moving next week, and I really wanted to get it done before we moved. I may well make it!

Pictures below. :-)

Day 4 - Not ready yet, because it's not Day 4 :)

click to get a really big version of the pic done in panorama style. (Each panel looks a little weird because they wereall photographed at slightly different angles/lightings.

You can see the detail in the wings better...

Even little burn holes in the green's wing. :)

The barryd, finished. With lights a-twinklin'. :-)