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A Dimarene is a tiny imitation Dimar that are kept as pets. They also serve a very important purpose on Dimar - they eat pesky insects. They use a variety of methods to catch mosquitoes and biting bugs that are attracted to their 'owners' -- some spray a jet or mist of water onto the insect to stop it. Others have a paralyzing spray, or spray a sticky film that disables the insect. Others have even been engineered to have a fire breath weapon...but these Dimarene are not recommended for dry climates, indoors, or for people with long hair. :)

Just imagine...You're sitting in your backyard watching the sunset. If you live where I live..You know what's coming (if it hasn't bit you already...) MOSQUITOES, black flies...all kinds of pests. With one or two of these perched on a shoulder or a knee, watching for incoming invaders and leaping up to catch them before they can strike, not only do you not get bitten -- you get a delightful air show to boot.

I actually used to do something like this with the dragonflies in my garden. I would sit and let them land on my arms. They would launch themselves and catch a gnat or fly (which was probably coming in to bite me) and then they'd land and eat it, right on my arm! It was great. I probably could get them to do it today, if I wasn't always running after Ellie. But, with a Dimarene or two at my side, they'd loyally remain by me and eat all those pesky critters before they could bite me. :)

Dimarene 2

This is a scaled Dimarene. Dimarene come in a variety of configurations -- some have round pupils like peacebreed Dimar, and others have slitted pupils like the Dimarene above. Others have branched horns and look like the Warbreed Mul Dimar...these tend to breathe fire and can be nippy, so watch out. I'm going to start an adoption agency with these guys, but if you like the Dimarene concept and would like to have an adoption agency based on them, please feel free too. The more, the merrier.

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