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Dreslough.Com News

Wow..been a while since I updated, eh?

October 4, 2001 - Lots of stuff going on in the world of Dee... #1. Convention Showing - January - Arisia Convention in Boston at the Park Plaza Hotel. It's not confirmed yet, but I sent in my money and I'll see if I made it into the show. For some reason they had my address from CT, so it took a while for the artshow signup to reach me. I'm also going to try to do Boskone and maybe LunaCon in NY...when I have more info on those, I'll post again.
New website features:
New Messageboard - Ikonboard! It rocks!!
New Gallery System - I will evnetually integrate all my art into this searchable, easy to read format.
New Ebay Auction: BALANCE Photoprint -- Yes! I thought I sold out of them, but I was cleaning my closet up to find art for Arisia and lo and behold, I had 3 left!! PSYCHE! This is #8 of 10.
And, what I'm sure you're looking for: MORE NEW ART! 'Prayer Flags on Everest' new original acrylic and I have more black and white stuff on the way too...

Coming Soon: prints at Rabbit Valley of: Forbidden Love, Dragon Bath, Megan's Freebie, Melancholy Flight, Bringing Home Dinner, Black Gryphon and more! I just have to get off my butt and send him the CD. :)

August 27th, 2001 - Wow..the Ebay Auction ended. I NEVER expected such a great response! I'm going to try to paint more...but my painting is a little hit or miss...things like that painting are like magic. Sometimes they happen...most of the time they don't. But, if I do some fair-to-middlin' stuff, I'll sell it...just at a lower starting price.

August 15, 2001 - Done a lot of painting. Had one for sale on Ebay! Additionally, I've added a new color art gallery browser page to make it a little easier to find what you're looking for by Theme in my color section. People seem to like the Black and White page setup, so I just mimicked that for the color gallery. I'm also starting a whole new design/look for the can see it in action there. I do have new art coming. I have my scanner back...and I have lots of art piling's just getting the computer time to get it into the machine. Burned for Fandom has moved to it's own website too: . Go, be, love. :)

June 11, 2001 - My goodness...what a time it's been. Okay...The news: I've been selected to be the Artist Guest of Honor at next year's CONJURATION Convention. I'm totally psyched. I'm trying to do more new art as fast as my wee fingers can make it, but my baby is a 12 hour a day job, so it's a bit of a battle. My sculptures are coming along great too...They'll be at Conjuration if they don't debut sooner here on the website and at other conventions in the fall. But they'll definitely be at Conjuration. Those folks are getting the works. :) Check out Conjuration's Flier! I LOVE seeing what folks are doing with my art. It looks so terrific the way it's used here!!! And that picture was just a doodle to celebrate my discovery of Terragen (which, btw, still rocks my world.) Okay...More art. MORE ART! MORE ART! Oh..yeah..sleep. :) I need that too.

Jan 8, 2001. Lessee...What's up? Well, I've automated the Site Updates mailing list. You can now sign up to find out when I've added new doodles to my latest section. I've got a few new pictures up in the Latest area, too... Terragen Rocks!! I've been using it to make my backgrounds, and it is Sooooo delicious. I can't even begin to describe how much fun this thing is.

My future plans for the site include: A major redesign to the Color Art section. It's driving me nuts that it's so hard to find things in there. I want it to be more like the black and white gallery, organized by topic. I'm also trying to clean up and reorganize the Dimar Project area, as I am almost done editing Dimar: Lost Waters to be produced by as a 'Real Paper-type Book'. Woo.

Oct 9, 2000

I am now on and have been, happily for months. New stuff: My Favorite Things page, where I get to give shameless and unsolicited plugs for my favorite artists, gizmos and other things. Please also take my survey. :)

I'm sorry I've been so bad about answering all your emails! Please don't take it personally... I just don't get any time on my computer these days.
Enjoy the new art in my Latest section. :)

Wow. It's been a while since I updated, eh? What's up in the News category... Well, as you all may have noticed, there are spans of time (4-5 days in a row sometimes) when I don't even get to turn my computer on. I'm going to try to complete the 4 half-finished tutorials for drawing dragons I have on my hard drive and get those up, and then see where life takes me from there.

July 22, 2000

BTW - I can't do any more freebies - I'm swamped!!! Sorry...

Well, I've moved to a new webhost again due to "Technical Difficulties" with Since disparaging Communitech is I believe prohibited by their terms of service, let me just say, they are a wonderful host who did a great job of locking out my emails, my scripts, etc. and trying to move me to a $350 server or giving me 2 days to move my site or else they'd just delete it. They really are great at what they do, which is screwing with their customers.

Three Cheers for Amethyst Alliance!!! Please, if you're into tabletop gaming AT ALL, visit this site, It's huge, and has many affiliates, and has original games (like Vaxia). It also features the Amethyst Circle, a newsletter with all kinds of resources for gamers. They gave my site a new home at the last minute and saved me from going down completely!!

June 28, 2000

Okay... I'm all moved over to (They're great. No complaints here.) They kicked me off, so I moved. See story above. And, a special *smoochie* for, my old ISP, for helping me save some of my website files that never made it into my backups!! They are also a great great webhost, but I just get too much traffic now to afford the bandwidth charges.

Lessee..what's new. Well, the first of what I expect will be one of many new Freebies is posted in the Latest section. This was requested by my new Commission Request system. You can request small digitals and I MAY do them for free (if not, it's $40).

I've also started a Dimar Dragon Webring for sites relating to Dimar. I've expanded the Dimar Project pages a bit, and added a little more detail to the Glossary for the novel too.

June 21, 2000

Wow! No news in a long time, eh? Well, here are the big changes: First, CoolWebHosting ( sucks. I can't put it any other way. I'm sorry. They've got a great price, and great features, but so far, I had my site go down for 2.5 days because they put me on a server that was broken and refused to fix it. (Guaranteed 99.99% uptime, eh???) Now, today, I'm sitting here waiting because they messed up the tables for FTP accounts. When I log into my account, I don't get my pages...I get access to someone else's web account ( make salsa.) I can only imagine who has access to I sure hope they're nice... I'm writing this news while waiting for them to fix my FTP so I can post this very page.

Okay..Enough on that rant. Coollink sucks. Just know that. Trust me on that one. They suck. As soon as I can find another host, I'm moving. If anyone knows of a website with no bandwidth limits, Perl5 and other goodies, give a holler. Thankee.

I'm taking commissions directly again, too, since COA has not come back up in many a month. You can check out my new prices and info on my FAQ page. I've also got a few more sketches (mostly Dimar animals and Arrallins) that I need to post in the Latest section, too.

In the works: A tutorial on drawing forepaws and hindpaws. This turned out to be quite a production number, but I've got one of the four tutorial sections for this done and I hope to have the others done relatively soon.

January 7, 2000

The baby has arrived! Eleanor Elizabeth Dreslough was born January 4th, 2000 at 8:56am - weighing in at a healthy 7 lbs 3 oz. I survived too...although sitting down provides an interesting challenge these days. :) As you can guess, updates to the website will be slow in coming.

November 22, 1999

Got some more tutorials up in the tutorial section. Also, have some newly scanned B&W art I found in my files up in the latest section.

November 7, 1999

Hi all! Well, I'm writing because I'm getting innundated with emails and I'm kinda sick right now, so I know I won't be able to answer them all. Please understand that if I don't answer your email, that it's nothing personal...I'm just really wiped out. My first child is due in less than 2 months, and as it turns out, I'm one of those lucky ones who gets morning sick (more like..all day sick) in the last trimester. Joy. :)

October 19, 1999

Prints are now available of eight of my better pieces. More are on the way. Also, I now can sell T-shirts, Mugs and Mousepads with my high resolution artwork! Check out my store page. I realize that my color originals section is almost completely sold out. I'll scan and post some more of my recent paintings soon too. Lots more black and white art is coming, too. I just have to get my scanner working.

October 8, 1999

Wow..I've been quiet for a while, haven't I? Well, lessee what's up. The Rabco prints section should be going online any day now...I'll post all over the place when that's up. You can order prints - low cost, high quality prints - in plenty of time for the Holidays. Makes a great gift! I have a set of prints so I can vouch for just how well they turned out.

I've been actually working my wee behind off on the Conclave of Artists. I seem to have managed to get promoted in the Conclave to some kind of head organizer. Luckily, I love doing this kind of thing, so it's really been fun. It has a lot of work still that needs to happen, but when it's back up, it will be an unrivalled source for artwork commissions - organized, reliable, and fresh-smelling. Everything I am not. :)

What else? What else? Um...I get paid now to surf the web. Not much, but's better than nothing. Yes...tis true. I am an AllAdvantage member. If you'd like to find out how you too can get paid for surfing the web, click here. Tell 'em AYA-769 sent ya. (Please mention me if you're asked who referred you. I get money for referrals too.)

I've got more tutorials in the works - dragon paws, legal issues regarding artwork and commissions, and more. I'll post 'em when I get them done.

August 21, 1999

I've posted a new wing tutorial in the tutorials section. This one, for all you winged wolf/lion/gryphon fans, is for Feathered Wings! :) It gives a simple pose, but goes into every detail on coloring the wing to get to the picture shown on the left.

August 18, 1999

I've posted a few goodies to the new stuff pages that I found on my hard drive. I also re-organized my friends' links pages by topic so things look a little better in there.

I am currently talking with RABCO ( about getting some of my better pieces made into prints at really great prices ($3-$30 depending on size). Again, thanks to Eugene Arenhaus for mentioning this service on his own page. :)

Take a survey to let me know what pieces you'd like for prints!

(For example, I know many folks want 'Death is a Gift' in the Dimar section of my art page as a print or T-shirt...) I'll make a survey page with pictures, etc, as soon as I can.

I'm also going to be joining the Amethyst Alliance's Conclave of Artists group so I can provide free and low-cost character portraits to folks again. (Please note, I am still prohibited from doing any work based on particular trademarked works, so don't ask...)

August 11, 1999

Added some new items (and lowered prices on items) in the for-sale color art gallery. Ghost is my latest Dimarian work.

August 9, 1999

New Tutorial! Well, I finally got around to making a basic wing drawing tutorial. Unfortunately, wings are so complex, to really teach them well, I'm going to need several tutorials on this subject. But, this one will get you started.

July 11, 1999


The Dracopheonix Rises!

Okay..This time we're really back. Basically, I wanted to try a new online service Impact Hosting (thanks for recommending them! They're wonderful!). So, I sent in another DNS change....but somehow, neca thought I wanted to be switched back to their server. So, down the site went AGAIN. It only took a week this time to straighten things out. Joy.

However, now that I'm back, I have great news. I have full access to the internet through a new firewall (Thanks Sam!!!) which means I can easily and quickly do updates to the site. (Previously I had to ftp my files to my firewall machine and then out. Icky. That's why there was so little new artwork.) So expect a nice new look, more art and all the crappy broken links to disappear over time. The site loses some of the interactive features with this new setup - like the chat and noteboards, but no one was really using them anyway, so I figure it's not a terrible loss. :)

News Re: DimarMush

Unfortunately, with the new system, I can't maintain the old Linux box that housed the DimarMush(es) anymore. So, until I can find the money/time/interest to find a new site, the game is offline. If you have a site or would like to take over the game, let me know. I can send you the database and give you some pointers to get started.

Online Store? Well, if you can pay by check...

Previously, I had been working to set up an online store on the site. As many of you have noticed, I have kind of failed in that attempt. My apologies to folks who'd hoped this would be a good place to sell goods. Other crafters have resorted to selling goods with great success on Ebay. Check out Fantasy in Flight's website. Terry is using Ebay to run her business. When I have more time, I'll probably do the same myself. For now, I'll just sell whatever I make via check here on the website.

Thank you for your incredible patience over this summer. Hopefully we've got the technical problems hammered out and I can get back to drawing digital stuff for you-all to use. :)

All art and text (c) 1996-2008 Dee Dreslough unless otherwise noted.
Please read and understand my Terms of Use for the artwork.